September 26, 2021



Welcome to Leesburg Church of the Nazarene

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-This Week-

Today, september 26

05:00 am  –  Hispanic Prayer

09:15 am  –  Heart Sisters Sunday School

09:15 am – Hispanic Food Ministry

10:15 am  –  Worship Service

02:30 pm  –  Hispanic Worship & Sunday School

Monday, september 27

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

07:00 pm  –  Hispanic Praise Rehearsal

Tuesday, september 28

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

Wednesday, September 29

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

07:00 pm  –  Worship Team Practice

08:00 pm  –  Hispanic Food Ministry/Grupo de Vida

Thursday, september 30

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

06:30 pm  –  Coolidge Life Group

06:30 pm  –  Hispanic Kids Group

Friday, October 1

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

09:30 am  –  All Neighbors Food Ministry

06:30 pm  –  Hispanic Teen Outreach

Saturday, October 2

05:00 am  –  Hispanic Congregation Prayer

09:30 am  –  All Neighbors Food Ministry (FH)

11:00 am – GLC

07:30 am – Hispanic Adult Life Group


alabaster offering

September is Alabaster month and we will be taking up an Alabaster offering throughout the month. If you need an Alabaster box, we have some available in the foyer. You may place your offering in the big Alabaster box in the foyer.

Life Groups

We are planning to start Life Groups again soon.  Please contact the church office if you are interested in attending, leading, or hosting a Life Group.

church in the park

Our Fall Church in the Park has been scheduled for Sunday, October 10th from 11 am to 3 pm at the Loudoun Valley Community Center in Purcellville.  Food will be provided.  Be sure to invite your friends!  Seating at the park is limited, so please bring your lawn chairs, blankets and/or tents. 

VA NAZ “man camp” – october 29-31

The registration deadline is Thursday, September 30th.  For more details and to register online, please visit for more information and to register.  

Thank you for joining us today!

Please take a moment to fill out this form and let us know who you are and how we can serve you. Thanks, again!