October 3, 2021


Scripture: Galatians 3

Welcome to Leesburg Church of the Nazarene

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Worship in Song

Worship in Prayer

Community Life

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Worship in Giving

-This Week-

Today, October 3

05:00 am  –  Hispanic Prayer

09:15 am  –  Heart Sisters Sunday School

09:15 am – Hispanic Food Ministry

10:15 am  –  Worship Service/Family Worship

02:30 pm  –  Hispanic Worship & Sunday School

Monday, october 4

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

07:00 pm  –  Hispanic Leadership Meeting

07:00 pm  –  Hispanic Praise Group Rehearsal

Tuesday, october 5

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

Wednesday, october 6

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

07:00 pm  –  Worship Team Practice

08:00 pm  –  Hispanic Food Ministry

Thursday, october 7

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

06:30 pm  –  Coolidge Life Group

06:30 pm  –  Hispanic Kids Group

Friday, october 8

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

09:30 am  –  All Neighbors Food Ministry

06:30 pm  –  Hispanic Teen Outreach

Saturday, october 9

05:00 am  –  Hispanic Prayer

09:30 am  –  All Neighbors Food Ministry

11:00 am – GLC

07:30 am – Hispanic Adult Life Group


Life Groups

Please contact the church office if you are interested in attending, leading, or hosting a Life Group.

church in the park

We will be having Church in the Park on Sunday, October 10th from 11 am to 3 pm at the Loudoun Valley Community Center in Purcellville.  Food will be provided.  Be sure to invite your friends!  Seating at the park is limited, so please bring your lawn chairs, blankets and/or tents.

Fall Fun Event

School age children and teens are invited to join us at Fred Nicholson’s home for some Fall fun on Saturday, October 23rd from 4-8 pm.  Please contact Cara Frye at cara_walter@yahoo.com if you need transportation. 



Thank you for joining us today!

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