January 16, 2022


Welcome to Leesburg Church of the Nazarene

-Worship Service-

Worship in Song

Worship in Prayer

Worship in Scripture

Community Life

Worship in Giving

-This Week-

Today, January 16

05:00 am  –  Hispanic Prayer

09:15 am – Hispanic Food Ministry

09:15 am – Heart Sisters Sunday School

10:15 am  –  Worship Service

02:30 pm  –  Hispanic Worship

Monday, January 17

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

07:00 pm  –  Hispanic Praise Group Rehearsal

Tuesday, January 18

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

Wednesday, January 19

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

07:00 pm  –  Worship Team Practice

07:00 pm  –  Hispanic Food Ministry

Thursday, January 20

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

06:30 pm  –  Hispanic Kids Group

6:30 pm – Coolidge Life Group

Friday, January 21

05:00 am – Hispanic Prayer

09:30 am  –  All Neighbors Food Ministry

06:30 PM – Hispanic Teen Group

Saturday, January 22

05:00 am  –  Hispanic Prayer

09:00 am – Kids Quiz Meet @ LCN

09:30 am  –  All Neighbors Food Ministry

01:30 pm – GLC

07:30 pm – Hispanic Worship & Prayer


Children’s Quiz Meet

The next Children’s Quiz Meet will be held at LCN on Saturday, January 22nd from 8:30 am to around noon.  We are looking for helpers for that day.  If anyone would like to help or donate snack/breakfast food, there is a sign-up sheet for volunteers and food donors at tinyurl.com/winterquiz2022

Life groups

Please contact the church office or scan the QR code if you are interested in either leading, hosting, or participating in a Life Group.  

Thank you for joining us today!

Please take a moment to fill out this form and let us know who you are and how we can serve you. Thanks, again!